Dr. Mufti Muhammad Yunas Ali

Resident Shariah Board Member (RSBM)

Dr. Mufti Muhammad Yunas Ali is a Resident Shari’ah Board Member (RSBM) of PMRC.

He is a registered Shariah Advisor as per Shariah Advisor Regulations 2017 issued by SECP.

Before the appointment as RSBM, he has been working as Senior Manager in Islamic Business of PMRC since 2018.

He has more than 6 years’ experience of working in different Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions.

He has been instrumental in developing Islamic business and products and also involved in reviewing and ensuring day-to-day Shari’ah compliance activities.

His main responsibilities include Shari’ah compliance, Structuring Shari’ah-compliant Islamic mortgage products and Sukuk.

He possesses a blend of theoretical strength with practical thinking and analytical ability.

Academically, he holds a PHD degree in Islamic Banking & Finance from University of Karachi.

His Ph.D. dissertation titled “Shari’ah non-compliance risk and its impact on Islamic Banking”.

He already possesses a Masters degree in Islamic Banking & Finance from Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center, University of Karachi.

Religiously, he has completed Takhassus-fil-Fiqh wal-Ifta (Specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence and Fatwa Writing) and also completed Al-Shahadatul Aalamiyyah (Equivalent to Masters in Arabic and Islamic Sciences) from Tanzeem-ul-Madaris Ahle-Sunnat Pakistan and got 3rd position in all Pakistan.

He has over 17 years of experience in the field of Research & Ifta.

He has a remarkable academic record and written various booklets and research papers which are published in HEC approved journals as well.

He is also a visiting lecturer in Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre of University of Karachi, Islamic Learning Department – Faculty of Islamic Studies in University of Karachi, Al. Manaar Islamic Research Centre, and Jamiah Dar-ul-Uloom Memon Karachi MA Jinnah Road.


Contact Person: Mufti Muhammad Yunas Ali
Designation: Head Shariah Compliance
Contact: +92 21 35633366-68 Ext: 139
Email: yunas.ali@uatlink.com

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