Pakistan Mortgage Refinance Company (PMRC) was set up as a Mortgage Liquidity Facility by the State Bank of Pakistan to address the long-term funding constraint in the banking sector, which was hindering the growth of the primary mortgage market. PMRC is serving as a secure source of long-term funding at attractive rates and at the same time ensuring sound lending habits amongst the primary mortgage lenders (PMLs). Its thrust is three-fold: help reduce maturity mismatch risk for PMLs, increase the availability of fixed rate mortgages and increase the maturity structure of the mortgage loans. This in turn would not only help improve the affordability of mortgages but also increase the number of qualifying borrowers. The issuance of bonds and sukuks is playing an integral role in the development of capital markets and housing finance. PMRC envisions further expansion of the primary mortgage market, which will consequently lead to the ultimate goal – a more widespread home ownership.

PMRC will play a key role in providing funding to both conventional and Islamic PMLs and it will endeavor to encourage and collaborate with PMLs to provide more housing loans in Pakistan.

As the Company’s principal source of funding will be from the local bond market; another important objective of the Company is to pioneer the development of the local bond and sukuk markets.


To be a leading catalyst for the development of housing finance and capital markets in Pakistan.



  • Promote expansion of affordable housing finance.
  • Establish high standards of mortgage practices for housing finance.
  • Provide innovative, viable and market-based financial products for the development of mortgage market in Pakistan.
  • Introduce new classes of conventional and Islamic assets to deepen and widen the local capital market.

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